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Series and Stand-alone Novels and Novellas from the talent at PaperStreet Ent.

WARBIRDS OF MARS: Stories of the Fight!


Scott P. Vaughn’s vision of a world ruled by three-eyed invaders from the popular webcomic comes to life in this anthology, with fourteen tales of intrigue, horror, and desperate action. The stories run the gamut from the air war, to the horseback of the wild west and the nocturnal alleys of battle-torn 1940s urban America.


Brought to you by some of the best names in the horror, action & adventure, supernatural thriller, and comics genres. Relive the glory of the Pulp era with these stories of the fight. With illustrations by Mike DeBalfo, Bill Farmer, Robert Hack, John Lucas, Dan Parsons, Doc Vaughn & more!

Warbirds of Mars: Beasts Incarnate


The Martian Killers fight to free America and the Earth from the clutches of the aliens, chief among them, Kalen Tengel, ruler of Martian-occupied America. For years this battle has raged . . . but something is different now.


Someone is attacking human and Martian targets; striking from the shadows, this new group advances its secret agenda regardless of the consequences for anyone in their way. As human and alien separately work to unravel the mystery of this new faction, somewhere one of the Martian Killers begins to live a new life.

Written by Chris Samson and based on the Warbirds of Mars comics by Scott Vaughn

Crimson Cutlass & Chameleon:
The Cabinet of Dr. Faustus


1938, Chicago. A secret conclave of former Nazis have arrived. They attempt to steal the mysterious "Cabinet from the East" that grants the crime-fighter The Chameleon her ability to battle as an incognito shadow figure. But the masked hero Crimson Cutlass has tracked the conclave's thugs. His own history with these murderers and their leader, the legendary Dr. Faustus, has led him on a mission to find out their plot and stop them at any cost. The Crimson Cutlass and Chameleon are here to pave the way for the future horrors within the WARBIRDS OF MARS universe! Written by Scott 'Doc' Vaughn, creator and artist of the Warbirds of Mars comics.

Eronica Unbound


Fifty Shades of Grey meets Pirates of the Caribbean! Lady Eronica was a woman any man in the five kingdoms would have wanted: beautiful, strong-willed, submissively erotic, and beguilingly dangerous. Captured by an enemy pirate ship and on her way to be sold in a foreign land, she bides her time, as she endures bound pleasures she has been trained to enjoy. For in truth, Eronica is an agent of the crown, sent to get close enough to the heretic Sultan of Shebwai to empower her King to strike him down. But matters are becoming complicated fast; the pirate captain, James Jovark, is more than he seems—certainly more alluring and possibly the only man who can help her. NEW EDITION WITH UPDATED ART!

Written by Scarlett Vaughn and Illustrated by Scott P. 'Doc' Vaughn

The Binding Realm: Erotic Fantasy Tales


A dark and forceful anthology of fantasy, bondage, and erotica - illustrated throughout by one of today’s top Adult Artists. Compiled here are 5 tales of lust, depravity, and even romance by the author of ERONICA UNBOUND.


Written by Scarlett Vaughn and Illustrated by Scott P. 'Doc' Vaughn

just front book_cover_HERO-LORE_Shards_S
Shards of Destiny: Hero-Lore Book I
Decades after the fall of Triialon, a galactic coalition fights a desperate war against Chebonka, an insane tyrant leading a machine horde against every free star system within reach. His Lordillian army stands ready to deliver a crippling blow to the Coalition’s fleets, but a single warrior claiming to be the last of the Triialon intervenes, saving the life of a commander named Lise. She and those around her are intrigued by this man known only as Hero, a strange and noble fighter questing for the bladed artifacts of his people. He will help lead the Coalition to a new home, but can the ancient technology of a derelict citadel truly save them from the Lordillian’s reach?
A Scifi-Fantasy Space Opera waits to be explored in the Books of the HERO-LORE, fully illustrated by the author, Scott P. 'Doc' Vaughn.
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